Education and Mentoring

The native American Indian Chamber of Commerce was founded to promote commerce opportunities, business education, mentorship programs, and public policy affecting native American Indian commerce and development. We have educated in many ways as:

Sponsoring seminars which taught how to properly start a business. In 2004 we held two seminars, one in June and another in October.

The June seminar was on how to become certified by the State of South Carolina as a minority business, this was conducted by the Office of Minority Affairs for the state of South Carolina. The October Seminar was conducted by the IRS of utilization of electronic forms and reporting. All seminars were held in Columbia, South Carolina.

The attendees were taught how to present themselves to Corporate America and how the State of South Carolina wants us to conduct business, and how to properly fill out electronic tax forms.

We advertise to American Indian groups, but our seminars are open to the public.

There are no fees to attend these seminars.


We have sponsored seminars which have taught how to run a business. In 2003 we held a seminar in January and in June of 2005

The January 2003 seminar was on how to conduct business with Michelin under their minority development program; it was conducted and taught by Michelin Employees.

The June 2005 seminar was held at Lockheed Martin in Greenville, it explained how to enter into the Lockheed Martin system to bid on work.

There was no fee or charge to attend these seminars.

The attendees were taught how to present themselves to Corporate America, how to submit bids by internet and how to contact the buyers regarding procurement opportunities.

These are just some of the ways in which we have enhanced, promoted, and developed a stronger relationship between corporate America and American Indian owned businesses. Keep checking our“news” section for things happening at the chamber.